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Total Packscope Magazine Article

A recent article in the Total Petrochemicals Packscope magazine explains how GPS aims to reshape the brewing industry. Read the full article below:

Plastics Reshape the Brewing Industry

It was with the ambitious aim to offer the brewing industry a realistic and reliable alternative to steel containers that Global Polymer Solutions (GPS) first contacted polymer supplier Total Petrochemicals. Following an intensive period of joint development, GPS was able to successfully commercialise the first range of plastic casks for the UK ale industry.

Combining GPS's design and processing experience with Total Petrochemicals' material expertise clearly proved to be a perfect partnership which resulted in a solution, revolutionising the brewing industry.

"With the help of TotalPetrochemicals, we can now offer the brewing industry a robust and economical option to steel kegs. As plastic weighs less than steel, this also lowers transportation costs and increases carrying capacity" explains Phillip
Wallis, Technical Director of Global Polymer Solutions.

The Perfect Resin for a Strong Plastic Beer Container

Given the conditions that casks must endure and the strict requirements of the industry, it was essential that the material meets specific criteria. For starters, it had to be resistant to leaks, maintain its shape and stability and be extremely durable. That's where Total Petrochemicals' HOPE fluff resin TP 56020S steps in.

Using the very high molecular weight (VHMW) resin TP 56020S HOPE for the plastic blow moulded inner part, the GreenCask is manufactured in one piece, guaranteeing its leakproofness. The fluff HOPE resin TP 56020S also has excellent mechanical properties guaranteeing an excellent resistance (even at low temperatures) to a drop of over 2 metres without breaking or even denting, and with no gradual loss in volume.

Designed to run on all existing filling and cleaning lines, this range of lightweight casks meets all brewing industry requirements. Moreover, independent testing has proven that there is no detectable taste difference between plastic and steel kegs.

"The new plastic nine-gallon casks seemed too good to be true when I first came across them. They appeared to have everything that was on my own list for producing them myself!" says Dixie Dean, Darktribe Brewery. "The one piece moulding seems very good and it's easy to handle and clean."

Turning to Plastic for Barrels of Benefits

Today, plastic has already replaced steel in several applications. And it's no surprise why. It's almost impossible to overlook the strength, toughness and longevity that plastic can offer in place of steel. For example, cars often consist of more than 50% plastic. If they're safe enough to carry precious cargo, then it's good enough for the oldest alcoholic beverage.

The benefits of plastic barrels far outweigh steel. While being as robust as steel, it's also over 30% cheaper, also much easier and quicker to repair. When empty, they are lighter and more easily handled. When full, they can be used like steel but are much quieter, something pubs and hotels in residential areas will certainly appreciate. As the scrap value of plastic is much lower than that of steel, this will end the epidemic proportions of theft of steel kegs and casks; a huge problem facing the industry.

"They're revolutionary and will change this industry, and we are very proud to be one of the first orders, and hence the pioneers. They look great, feel great and are great. We are very, very happy with our move to GreenCask" remarks Matt Jackson of Lancaster Brewery.

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