For all your plastic cask requirements please contact Emmerald Polymers (UK) Ltd. Click the button below to transfer to their website and buy your plastic casks online today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the casks and kegs made out of?

GreenCask and GreenKeg are manufactured with a plastic blow moulded inner and injection moulded outer skin. Being plastic means there is no scrap value therefore reducing thefts to zero.
Will my beer or drink taste as good?

We have carried out numerous taste tests and transfer tests and the taste is not affected at all.
What are the products' shelf life?

The shelf life of GreenCask and GreenKeg is the same as their steel counterparts. Our products are 100% recyclable and subject to proper usage, should exceed the industry current life expectancy of seven and ten years respectively.
Who designed GreenCask and GreenKeg?

All products are designed by Global Polymer Solutions Ltd working alongside Coors to ensure all requirements have been met.

Are the products as strong as stainless steel?

Rigorous tests have been carried out with all our products and our kegs and casks are found to be as robust as steel with the added benefits of being easier, cheaper and quicker to repair.

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